About Me

I have too many blogs. They are easy to start. And that is the problem. But with this photo blog, my goal is to showcase my photography by attempting my own photo365 project. I am ready to take my photography to the next level. I am a self-taught photographer, and I have three tools to work with. I just recently purchased a used Canon Rebel 300D, my first DSLR with the kit lens. As camera equipment is expensive, I am currently shopping for an efficient lens but also one that is not too expensive. I have a Kodak Z915 that is my go to point and shoot. And of course my camera, my HTC Evo where I utilize many phone apps to get the right picture. Most of the pictures taken will mostly be taken with the Canon. I hope you enjoy the photos as I show you a bit of how I see the world thru the lens. 

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